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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Free People Brown Limbo Pullover Sweater

brown limbo pullover 

 Wrap yourself in a soft luxurious pullover from Free People. This one is a combination of butter cream fabrics stitched together in a really nice pattern.  This pullover has a wide scoop neckline that you can wear off shoulder. Raglan style long sleeves also has nice knitted cuffs and hem lines. Grab this nice pullover and more from our shop.

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Free People Silver Ballet Songbird Sheer Sweater

songbird sher 

Here is a new style from Free People sweaters. This one is made from super soft luxurious sheer fabric. Love the powder pink and light blue pattern. With this sweater you can achieve an easy look with it's exposed seams and raglan style sleeve. We have more choices for you ladies.

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Free People Multicolor Cowl Neck Patchwork Sweater

multi color sweater 

Looking for a new style in your sweaters? Why not try this Free People cowl neck sweater. The patchwork is also great adding new patterns. This one white so it's very easy to match with any pants, shorts or skirts. Love the easy style and ribbed long sleeve cuffs.

Try new styles added daily to our stylish juniors outerwear page.

Free People Tgif Cardigan Heather Gray Sz Extra Small

grey tgif cardi 

Here is another stylish look from Free People. I just love looking at these lovely cardigans. This is also from the TGIF collection with a dramatic high low hem. This one is heather gray with longs sleeve and ribbed cuffs. Also has a snap front button for closure. Enjoy this lovely sweater.

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Free People Beige TGIF Cardigan Sz Large

beige tgif cardi 

This is a nice looking cardigan from Free People. Look really nice and very alluring in this black cardigan that will make you look so trendy and warm. This sure is a really nice thing to have during weekend escapade. Look hip and cool with this easy slouchy cardigan.

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Free People Green TGIF Cardigan Cardi Sz Extra Small

green tgif cardi 

This slouchy cardigan from Free People is just fabulous. Perfect for a weekend getaway top or just keeping warm at home. Love the dramatic high low hem and ribbed cuff long sleeve. It's green and has front snap button for closure.

You have a lot of lovely cardigan to choose from if you view our cheap cardigan for junior collection.

Free People 'Songbird' Stripe Pullover Sz Medium

songbird stripe 
Grab his luxurious and easy sweater from Free People at a very low price from our shop! We have shared songbrid sweater yesterday. That was brown but this one has nice stripes. It's red and dark stripes combined into a nice looking sweater. It has deep V neckline and ribbed hem and cuff.

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Free People Hooded Fair Isle Pullover in Charcoal Combo Sz Extra Small

hooded fair isle 

 Relax, classic, stylish and very sassy look with this nice Free People sweater. I just love the stripe design and look this sweater has. Very lovely indeed with a nice long sleeve, scoop neckline and lined hem. It has very nice texture that you will love to touch. Perfect for a cold weather season.

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Free People Black Lady Macbeth Plaid Skirt

plaid skirt

Add a touch of elegance to your sassy skirt from Free People. I know this is a good skirt that you can actually use everyday! It's a knee length black skirt with nice stripes. Look very classic in this skirt and enjoy modern look too. This is actually an awesome piece of clothing for a young modern lady like you.

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Free People Black Sweater Femme Fatale Moto Zipped Cardigan Sz Small

femme fetale moto 

Yesterday we shared this jacket but that was size medium. This one is small and would love to share it to smaller ladies. This is a perfect fit for junior petite women. Look cool, stylish and very sexy with this nice sleek jacket. This is so nice that everyone would love to have it.  It's black with front zip closure.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Free People Green Songbird Sheer Sweater


Here is a very relaxed and very comfortable looking sweater from Free People. This is made from sheer cotton material so it's really soft and nice to touch. It has an exposed sem style and nice ribbed hem and cuffs. Get more styles and cool colors to choose from.

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Free People Brown Fuzzy Fair Isle Pullover in Taupe

fuzzy fair 

This is a sweater from Free People. It's a part of our Fuzzy Fair collection. Acrylic and wool made sweater at half off the original price. It has a nice wide scoop neckline and ribbed cuffs.

Grab this sweater and lot more from our stylish junior outerwear collection.

Free People Black Sweater Femme Fatale Moto Zipped Cardigan

femme fetale moto   

 This is a nice jacket that you stay stylish. It's a sleek jacket that will easily make you look smart and super sexy. It's an adorable jacket for everyday use. This is perfect with any pants, jeans or skirt. Grab this jacket from our shop and more cheap stylish jackets.

Free People Distressed Vegan Leather Jacket

vegan leather jacket 

 Looking for a cool moto jacket?  Stop looking further because we have here what you're looking for. This one is from Free People and it's a vegan leather jacket. This is made from polyurethane so it's soft, rich and supple. This jacket has front zip closure, with pocket that also has zips and moto stitching on the waist line. Cuff are pretty cool too.

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Free People Love Me Do Pullover in Coral Red

love me do coral red   

 This is a very nice looking top from Free People. I love the coral red color. It's just so gorgeous. If you are looking for more choices with the Do Love Me top collection this one is for you. We shared white, black, and grey. Now we have this pink blush one. Love the wide scoop neckline an long sleeve with ribbed cuffs. Sides has super sexy crochet patterns.

Grab this and some more from our cheap stylish junior tops collection.

Free People Snowflakes In Crochet Pullover

snow flakes in crochet 

Well hello gorgeous. Our latest feature is  Free People items and it's a nice crochet pullover. It's something that your grandma once did for you. This has large snowflakes pattern that are just lovely. Very nice and cozy to look at. You will also love to wear it all the time. We have some more collections for you to choose from.

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Free People Love Me Do Pullover Black Stripes

love me do pullover   

This is a lovely and cozy sweater from Free People. This is a Love Me Do collection item. This has a nice silhouette body with nice black stripes. It's also a pullover style sweater. This has distressed hems so it's very stylish too. Your friends will be asking where you get it. And they will be surprised if you tell them you got it at a very low price.

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Free People Red We The Free Fluffy Swit Top

red flufy swit   

This is a gorgeous looking sweater from Free People. I love the red stripes here. The yolk and back is also great for flirting since it shows some skin with a see through embroidery. It's a cool v shape neckline, and long sleeve with ribbed wrist. Do you think this is your style? Go get it.

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Free People Ivory Moonlight Romantic Tunic Top

moonlight romantic 

Since you have been asking for it, we have added another cute and stylish tunic top to our collection. This one is from Free People it's a nice elegant looking ivory tunic. Love the flowy rippled style and deep V neck neckline. Yolk has delicate embroidery too. Grab this and other styles at a very affordable price.

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Free People We the Free Blue Top Berkin Waffle Pj

top berkin 

 Love a cozy and stylish look? Why not grab this really cute Free People top. This is part of the We The Free collection featuring a blie top berkin waffle Pj. This is complete with a brown long sleeve raglan style and a high low hem. It has scoop neckline with half button plackets.

Want more styles to choose from? Go and check our updated collections of cheap junior outerwear.

Free People 'Diamond' Embellished Dip Dye Linen Tunic

diamond dip dye 

This one is a good choice for a nice top from Free People. You will truly love this dyed tunic with diamond embellishments. It's a nice tunic style top for stylish girl like you. This is a perfect summer or holiday top. More great time shopping with us because you will have a lot of choices.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Free People Sea Gypsy Summer Strappy Boho Party Dress

sea gypsy 

This is a really nice looking casual summer dress from Free People. This is a sea gypsy summer strappy collection dress. You will love this dress with a criss cross laces at the back. It has nice florescent pattern print in a mesh like layer of fabric. Get this dress from our shop for a very affordable price. Check our stylish casual dresses here.

Free People White Boho Meadow Slub Tee

boho meadow 

Love to have slub tee? Grab this one from Free People now available at our shop for a very affordable price. This  tee has a wide V neckline, easy fit, white with great embroidered patterns. It's short sleeve too. It's perfect when match with any pants, jeans, shorts or skirts.

Check us out regularly for more cheap stylish juniors top.  

Free People Cross My Heart Pullover Sweater Red

cross my heart red 

 I am sure you love the white pullover sweater I posted from Free People. Now I have another one of the same kind only that this one is red. It's more like maroon or red wine shade. This pullover feels luxurious to the feel so you will love to have this.

 More cheap stylish outerwear for women can be found at our shop.

Free People We the Free Bambi Swit Thermal Long Sleeve Top Rust

bambi swit 

Free People has another super sexy long sleeve top that we have in out shop at a very low price. This one part of the "We The Free collection". Best to show your super slender body and nice curves because this is a body fit style with ribbed scoop neckline.

 Looking for other sexy tops? We have cheap junior tops here too.

Free People Multicolor Block Of Stripes Pullover

block stripes

This is an awesome pullover from Free People made to look even better with block stripes. Made from nice soft material so you will to feel and wear it everyday. It has boat neckline and long sleeves ribbed at wrist. Really nice pullover and you will love to have this one. We have more of these at our shop.

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Free People Black & Ivory We The Free Fluffy Swit Top

fluffy swit 

 Look very sexy and easy going in this stripe top from Free People. This has a nice easy lightweight feel so you will enjoy wearing it. V neck style and long sleeve just make this look even more prettier!

Grab this or another shirt from out cheap stylish tops for women collection.

Free People Multicolor Cardigan Rudolph Zip Sweater

multi color cardigan 

 This cardigan from Free People will blow your mind! It has very cute designs with nice patterns and Rudolf the nice reindeer on it. This has long sleeve which are ribbed at the wrist and front zip closure. All edges are banded so it will not easily run or pill. We have more lovely cardigan at our shop.

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Free People Cross My Heart Pullover Sweater Sz Small Nordstrom

cross my heart

With this very nice looking pullover from Free People it is very easy to look super sexy and easy going. It's the best sweater you can wear this days. It will keep you warm and stay stylish. I am very sure you will love to wear this sweater. It's long sleeve and it looks like it's ribbed so it really looks nice.

Check us out to see more stylish outerwear for women.

Free Peoploe Brown Fuzzy Fair Isle Pullover Sz Small

fuzzy fair 

This is a nice pullover from Free People and it's already available at our shop for a very affordable price. This one is super soft made from super soft cotton knit into a nice pullover that you will love to wear everyday. Your friends will surely compliment you with this very nice texture and design. It has a nice ribbed collar with grey and blue highlights.

There will be more stylish women's outerwear that will be added soon. Come and enjoy them all here.

Free People Life's a Beach Tunic Sz Small

life's a beach 

 This is a lovely beach wear if you are looking for one. I just love the looks of this Free People tunic dress. Made from super soft knit fabric. It has long sleeve style and very sexy cross over slit at the back. Grab this lovely tunic from our shop now.

We also have other cheap designer swimsuit cover ups. Just check us out.

Free People Black Show Me The Way Fringe Cardigan

FREE PEOPLE Black Show Me The Way Fringe Cardigan  

Look stylish and always on the go with this Free People cardigan. This has a surprising easy look and zip closure with nice hood. You know what I love about this item? It's the lovely geometric patterns and super soft fabric. This is a very nice looking cardigan.

Come on and lets try more choices for cheap women's outerwear.

Free Pepole Tan Baja Oversized Cardigan Rabbit Moon Cardigan

tan baja   

 This is a lovely cardigan that will make you look super cute and sexy. I just love the texture of this beautiful cardigan. It sure will keep you warm and cozy. So grab this cardigan from our shop. This one has snap closure at the front and nice sleeve too. Grab this cardigan from our shop along with other stylish outwear for women.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Free People Natural Linus Stripe Pullover in Charcoal

linus stripe pullover 

 This one is a nice pullover sweater from Free People. This is something you should have if you are looking for a super soft. It has asymmetric designs running from side to side. It's a white sweater with deep V neck style and ribbed wrist. We have more cool outerwear for women in our shop. Visit us regularly for more styles.

Free People Multicolor Cowl Neck Patchwork Sweater

FREE PEOPLE Multicolor Cowl Neck Patchwork Sweater 

I just love the patchwork done in this sweater. This is from Free People  clothing and is a current trend at Nordstrom. This has squares patchwork that are just lovely. Made from super soft material so it's really nice to feel against your skin. Cowlneck is great way to show off a bit of skin for a flirty and seductive look without revealing too much.

 Need more cheap women's outerwear? We have more in our shop!

Free People We The Free Renegade Raglan Sz Large

renegade raglan

Looking for a super cool top for an awesome look? Here is what you been looking for. With this item you will look easy going, casual, and super cute. This top has 3/4 sheer sleeve and white base bodice with high / low hem line. Wear it like you want. Size large top that will go fine with your jeans, pants, shorts or skirts! Just play with it and mix and match your items.

We have more cool trendy tops for juniors in our shop! Be sure to check them all out.

Free People Olive Cutwork Linen Blend Cropped Moto Jacket

free people jacket

Look super sexy in this vintage looking jacket from Free People clothing. This is made from a blend of cotton and linen fabric. So it really has a nice texture to it. It's a regular size jacket with front zip for closure. Collar and cuffs has quick snap buttons. The back has also nice sequin pattern. Very cute and super sexy thing to have. Check out more of our cheap ladies outerwear collection. See our shop to grab them all.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Splendid Medium Easy Tee T Shirt

Splendid sz M Medium Easy Tee T Shirt 

 This one is a super cool easy tee T-shirt from Splendid. Love the black thin stripes on a green base fabric. This has scoop neck, cap sleeves nice hem. Need more tee shirts? We have more in our shop. Please check our stylish shirts collections.

Splendid Striped Tee Striped Drapey Dolman Sweater Small Black & Creme

Splendid Striped Tee Striped Drapey Dolman Sweater Small Black & Creme 

This is such an elegant looking sweater from Splendid clothing. I am sure you would love this really nice sweater we have here. It's black with nice white stripes. Ever wanted to have bat-wing tee? This one has it. So cool and drapey design. Also check our gorgeous collection of trendy outwear for women.

Splendid Stripe One Button Henley


This one is very cute 3/4  sleeve top for juniors. This is the perfect top for your summer get away or for any casual wear. It will go nicely with any jeans you love to wear. Neckline has one button for closure. Very sexy and flirty if you want to show more cleavage. Try more stylish tops for juniors from our shop.

Splendid Honeycomb Creme Stripe Cardigan

Splendid Honeycomb Creme Stripe Cardigan 

 Looking for a nice and stylish cardigan? I think we have already found what you are looking for. This is from Splendid clothing. It's a current style you can see from Nordstrom and now it's on our shop at a very low price. This is the perfect cardigan for a great nigh out with friends. It's nice to enjoy the outdoors all wrapped in this gorgeous cardigan. We have more styles to choose from our cheap women's outerwear page.

Splendid Grey & Creme Stripe Thermal Cowlneck

SPLENDID Grey & Creme Stripe Thermal Cowlneck 
 This is a nice looking stripe sweater with stylish cowlneck design. This one is from Splendid designs. It's a perfect choice if you want to stay warm and wrapped in a cozy and elegant looking sweater. The fabric is ultra soft too so it's very comfortable to wear. Visit us here regularly for more styles to choose from. Also check our cheap women's outwear page to shop.

Splendid Gray & Black Sweater Color Block Sweater

SPLENDID Gray & Black Sweater Color Block Sweater 

 Every woman wants to look splendidly beautiful. That won't be a problem because we have here a charming and elegant looking sweater. You stay warm and yet trendy and fashionable in this sweater. That is why this selection makes it to my favorite list. It's a combination of grey and black sweater so you look elegant and stylish. Want to try more designs? We have more trendy sweaters here.

Splendid Fiesta Drapey Dolman Sweater

Splendid Fiesta Drapey Dolman Sweater Sz M Medium Nordstrom 

 Here is another sweater to keep you warm and stay stylish in the coming cold weather. This one is Splendid sold in Nortdstrom. It's a store return and now in our shop for a very low price. It has not defect nor signs of wear. Love the bright stereo red color with black strips that this sweater has. I also like the very relax feature and drape it has. Need more styles for a casual sweater? Why not try our collections of stylish women's sweaters.

Splendid Beige & White Ballet Neck Dolman Sweater

SPLENDID Beige & White Ballet Neck Dolman Sweater sz M Medium Nordstrom 

 This is a new item we have here and it's going to be listed under our must have sweaters. This is just super lovely. Simply splendid design and make for an everyday sweater. It's also good as a work sweater because it will allow you to move as much as you can. The beige and white color makes it very easy to match this with any pants or skirt you wear. Grab this and more from our cool women's sweater collection.

Speechless Black Strapless Gown w/ Rose Waist Detail Holiday Dress

speechless gown 

 This is a drop dead gorgeous dress that everyone would love to see on you. It's super elegant and very sexy too. It's a black long gown perfect for any formal function or a holiday dress. It's strapless too, making you look super sexy and irresistible. We have more dresses here, just check our collection for formal junior dresses.

Soprano Ruffled Maroon Cap Sleeve Top

Soprano Ruffled Maroon Cap Sleeve Top 

 Here is a fine looking apparel for women. I like maroon or any shade of red wine. It really looks vintage and elegant to me. This top for women takes it to the next level with it's ruffled cap sleeve. This dress is plain with no designs or prints. Love the looks of it. You got to try it to believe it. Grab this sexy top from our trendy women's apparel collection.

Soprano Flowy Peplum Tank Juniors Beige w/ Black Polka Dots

Soprano Flowy Peplum Tank Juniors L Large Beige wBlack Polka Dots 

 This is  a nice looking blouse that you would want to own. It's very cute and trendy. I love peplum tanks, blouses and skirts. I think it has something to do with the flowy design and look. With this blouse you get the airy feel from it's fabric. Then you also have the black polka dots pattern in a white tank that can easily match any pants, shorts or skirts you would like to wear. More trendy tops for women are listed on our shop. Visit us now to grab them all.

Soprano Strappy Print Crop Tank Top Juniors Size Extra Small

Soprano Strappy Print Crop Tank Top Juniors XS ExtraSmall Nordstrom   

 Look playful and flirty in this super sexy tank from Soprano. It has nice straps with cheeky print design. The pattern is just so cool. I am sure you will look awesome in this tank. It'a great swimsuit cover up and will go with any bottoms. This one is a current trend selling at Norsdstrom. Get this super sexy tank for a very low price at our shop. Plus get to see more of our trendy women's apparel collection.

Patra Beaded Border Kimono Holiday Dress

PATRA sz 6 Beaded Border Kimono Dress Holiday Dress Occassion Dress NWT  

 This is another gorgeous selection from Patra, our favorite provider of casual and elegant dresses. This one is Kimono style dress. If you a huge fan of Kimono dress then this one is for you. This one is cream with sheer fabric overlay covered in sequins and beads. It's above the knee length with an elastic wist band that holds the dress at waist to create a playful drop. Grab this dress along with our casual trendy dresses from our shop!